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How to Print From Windows 8.1 app?

Printing in Windows 8 or 8.1 from the Start Screen Apps of Windows 8 has confused a lot of users. Printing by conventional method does not work for Start Screen Apps. It has to be done via Charms screen device menu and then follow some simple steps which are discussed below.

Print from windows 8.1

Steps to Print From Windows 8.1 app

1. First open the App from where you want to print. For eg. you want to print a photo from the Photo App. Open the Charms Bar (Windows+C) and select Device.


2. Now select the device Print.


3. Now select the printing device which you want to appoint to print the document.

Select Printer

4. Click on More Settings to adjust different printing options. Now set the number of copies and click on Print.

Printing Options


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Scott Laugenour

What a totally wrong ‘help’ message from you, Nick. When I click on PRINT from the Devices charm, as per your instructions, Windows 8.1 tells me that the Calendar App does not print. Trying to imagine where I went wrong.

Hi Scott, You opened Windows 8 Calendar app and then followed these steps. As the calender app does not support anything to print, you got ‘Calendar App does not print’ message. Open any image using Windows 8 Photos app (not the desktop photo viewer) and follow the steps mentioned above. It will work. Basically this charms screen printing feature works with some particular Windows 8 Apps (no desktop apps are supported, also the Calender app will not work). So open any image with the Photos app and try it.