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How to clear Clipboard in Windows 8.1 using a shortcut?

This article will show you how to clear clipboard in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

What is Clipboard?

Clipboard can be defined as a temporary storage area for information. When we select any text or file and then perform the Copy or Cut operation the selected text or file copied or moved to clipboard.

Clear Clipboard in Windows 8

A clipboard is nothing but a buffer that stores data that we copy and paste. We never wonder that when we copy a text and paste it as many times as we want, where is the text saved for us? Yes it is the clipboard where the text is temporarily saved. And a clipboard manager enhances these functions of copy, cut, and paste. Anyways, we can also experiment with this buffer named clipboard.

If you repeatedly copy and paste large files or image files, pasting may take time and deliver low performance. So it’s sometimes necessary to clear up the clipboard to clear memory.

Steps to clear the Clipboard in Windows 8 by using a shortcut

1. Press Windows Key + R to open Runwindow.

2. Type the following command

cmd /c “echo off | clip”

-> and press Enter.

Reqd Command

3. You can also create a shortcut with location as the command cmd /c “echo off | clip”. Whenever you want to clear clipboard, double click on it.

Create Shortcut for clearing clipboard


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Great Stuff! really works!


Didn’t work for me. There was a flash that looked like the box “Create Shortcut” but it didn’t stay on the screen. I can’t tell if there is a space between the “d” in command and the “/”. Nor can I tell if there is a space between the “c” and the quote mark. NOR can I find that character that comes after the “f” in off. I really wish authors of articles would clarify things like this. If we have taken the time to ask for help, it means that WE DON’T KNOW HOW to do what you are trying to explain. Authors MUST BE VERY CLEAR in their directions.