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More evidences about Cortana to come in Windows 9

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Cortana for Windows 9

In one of the recent posts, we mentioned how we have been able to confirm about Cortana coming to Windows 9 through a video leak which went viral throughout the Read more »

First Microsoft smartphone without Nokia

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Microsoft Smartphone

After the news that Microsoft will be dropping off the ‘Nokia’ brand name from all its smartphones very soon another rumour that has cropped up throughout the internet are the Read more »

Leak shows New Notification Center in Windows 9

As the day for Windows 9 launch is approaching we are getting some more leaks on our way which are making us more and more curious. In my last article Read more »

Storage Sense in Windows 9

As the release of the beta version of Windows Threshold or Windows 9 is nearing, more screenshot and specification leaks are doing rounds in the internet. So every such leak Read more »

Virtual Desktop Feature in Windows 9

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Windows 9 virtual desktop

After addition of Cortana and a comeback of the Start menu in Threshold in Windows 9, another striking feature in the operating system is the virtual desktop feature. This news Read more »

Presence of Cortana in Windows 9

There have been rumors about the presence of Cortana in the latest Windows 9 operating system. But well, we have not been able to prove its addition into the new Read more »

Windows 9 video leaked online

Windows 9 video leaked online and the video has gone viral in no time. Several images of Windows 9 codenamed as Windows Threshold has already been leaked which indicated some Read more »

HTC 8X coming on Verizon with Windows Phone 8.1 Update in October

We know that Microsoft has released its developer preview version of Windows Phone 8.1 and this version has rolled out in a considerable number of models. The official Twitter account Read more »

Internet Explorer 12 : a mix of Chrome and Firefox

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Internet Explorer 12

With the immense popularity of browsers like Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft is under pressure of improving its very own browser. The software giant plans to release an update to the Read more »

Micosoft to drop off Nokia this year

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Microsoft to ditch Nokia branding and Windows Phone term.

No more ‘Nokia’ name inscribed on Lumia devices after the Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 will hit the market. Those two devices will be the last of its kind to Read more »