MyWindows8 (MW8)
Start Screen of Windows 10

Windows 10 Technical Preview version is greatly revamped from the ancestor Windows 8.1.The interface is much more organized than before. Start Button has returned (a reason for celebration), which gives Read more »

Windows 10 technical preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview has ameliorated the Windows Apps with lots on new enhancements. Unlike Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, the apps can now be opened straight from Desktop and Read more »

Start Menu

Windows 10 Technical Preview has been released few days back and we have seen that a lot of new features has been added and the interface has been greatly revamped. Read more »

Windows 8.1 installed on a USB

Imagine running a full version of Windows 8.1 on a small USB flash drive. Well, this has been made possible by Intel which has found out a way of doing Read more »

customize the virtual memory in Windows 10

Virtual Memory is feature in the operating system world that provides the computer to make up for the scarcity of the space or so-called physical memory technically. It does so Read more »

Snapping in Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 Snapping feature seems to be new to us but it isn’t. It’s already there since Windows 7. Snapping is a very quick and an easy method to resize Read more »


Lumia 735 has been launched last month by Microsoft and the phone has gained popularity being the selfie phone. The device was scheduled to be provided by Verizon but now Read more »

Virtual Desktop in Windows 10 Technical Preview

Virtual desktop is a common feature in most of the Unix/Linux distributions. It allows you to divide up your work and move between multiple desktops with great ease — thereby Read more »


Joe Belfiore of Microsoft had announced the Windows 10 Technical Preview which had raised a lot of brouhaha among users regarding the nomenclature and many other aspects. The Insider Program Read more »


Microsoft has taken a great approach to give Windows Phone more exposure and promotion by making licensing program free which provided the Windows Phone OS to the handsets less than Read more »